NEW Studio Rates


This is our new rates system, which we think will make it more accessible and tailored for working musicians. We get clients often who either want everything done at our studio and others who have recorded material at home who want us to mix it, or perhaps just want vocals tracked at the studio through our great gear. With the new flexible rates system just choose a package that you need and get it done. If you need additional studio time for other things just add a reduced rate of $49 per hour on top of that package.

Song Mixed  $199

Bring in your track you've recorded at home/ elsewhere and we will mix it up to professional standards through our desk and equipment.


Song Mixed + Vocals Recorded  $299

Bring in your track and record your vocals in our booth through our lovely mics and gear. We will then mix and finish it.


Demo song Recorded and Mixed  $449

Get the band together and roll on in. Get a song tracked and mixed within a day - drums, guitars, harpsichord or whatever you can throw at us. A high quality mixed demo (pre master) will be provided at the end of the day.


Commercial Single (Recorded, Mixed and Mastered)  $699

Get the full service at a great rate, Record your song at our studio (take as long as you need, within booked times). Have it lovingly mixed and mastered by us - with your input at every step of the way. 


Or if you prefer the old school way 


Recording and Mixing Rate $49 per hour

Book 1 Full Day (8.5+ hours) $349 per day

Book 3 or more Days $299 per day


Huge discounts on bigger projects, hit contact us below 


All bookings adhere to our terms and conditions found here